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I have a new dexcom transmitter g5 for sale. PM me with offers.

42 Answers
Wake Forest, NC
Message me I need a transmitter and sensors

Wake Forest, NC
Message me 252 524 1642 I need transmitter and sensors

Wake Forest, NC
252 524 one six42 I need sensors and transmitter PayPal ready

Jonesboro, AR
dont buy from this woman ir sell her anything. i sold her a few things sent what she paid for then turned around and disputed with paypal claiming i sent empty boxes which was false. shes also bern tagged with fraud out of Merced, CA

Mt Hope, KS
do you still have

Lake Worth, FL

Edison, NJ
Are you in the United States?

Living with type 1 diabetes since 1965.
Metuchen, NJ
Do you still have it?

Living with type 1 diabetes.
Unknown Location
this is a very old post...

Jonesboro, AR
And Sandra is a scammer. She buys off Facebook cheap with PayPal then tells PayPal she never received them. Wins case even when it shows she signed for them