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Hi does anyone have any Dexcom G5 Sensors to sell? Waiting for insurance approval on my order from Dexcom.

46 Answers
Dale City, VA
I have 2 boxes of dexcom g5 sensors for sale....$300$

type 1 diabetes
Highland, IN
Looking for g4 sensors for personal use T1 diabetic appreciate your help have paypal account

Supporting a child: type 1 diabetes
Crossville, TN
I have one box of sensors and 2 receivers

St Joseph, MI
Hi there - I have some Dexcom G5 ... will give them affordable price for you if still in need .. make an offer ... have 6 boxes possibly more

St Joseph, MI
You can email me here as well

Tucson, AZ
I do

Tucson, AZ
I have 3 boxes of Dexcom sensors and I’m trying to sell them if anyone is interested call me 5209127869 thank you

Mill Valley, CA
Hey there. I’m in the outer sunset. I have extras if you need one or two to hold you over. Say...$200 for a box?

North Miami Beach, FL
I have over 15 boxes of sensors- $100 box

Williamston, NC
i have 9 boxes with 4 in a box