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Hi all! Using dexcom sensors and always have issues getting them to stick. I sometimes use mastisol but it usually gives me a rash. In search of the “perfect” tape, lol.

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East Petersburg, PA
So I was in the same boat for a while, but I contacted my doctor and was able to get these two products: Skin Tac Adhesive Barrier Prep Wipes and ReliaMed Stérile Latex Free Thin Film IV Site Adhesive Dressing 2-3/8”x2-3/4”

East Petersburg, PA
Skin tac is a wipe that makes your skin sticky and ReliaMed is an actual tape. Both were 100% covered once deductible was met. Good luck!

Hollywood, FL
Thanks JD! Will definitely give these a try 😀

East Petersburg, PA
My pleasure!

Bronx, NY
I love SimPatch I get a couple of weeks out of one.

Avon, IN
The skin-tac works great, and they also make wipes to get the sticky stuff off when it’s being stubborn.

Unknown Location
skin tac works awesome

Marrero, LA

I have a bunch of different tapes... if you are interested... :)

Pottstown, PA