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DESPERATE for pump supplies! either silhouette or quick set infusion sets. no insurance and I've been trying to sell anything of value on Craigslist to come up with the money for them, but no luck!

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Leesburg, GA
I have 2 paradigm MMT 612 holsters and 1 MMT631 pump clip. Interested?

Supporting a child: type 1 diabetes
Denver, CO
I have some infusion sets we can send you. My daughter changed over to the ominpod

Trenton, FL
I believe I have quick set infusion sets. A lot actually. Just let me know if you still need them.

Kings Park, NY
I have two full boxes of quick-set infusion sets I have no use for. They are "expired" but I don't think it makes a bit of difference- they are plastic etc. not food/medicine. I am happy to send if you get in touch in next 2-3 days. Then I will be out of town. Here is my email:

Mt Hope, KS
My son has the tslim pump. He needs infusion sets and insurance is really not helping. Doctors wanted him on pump and now insurance wants us to pay nearly $800 before we get anymore supplies? As of now I am administering shots with needles for now. I'm just worried about going to school

Washington, DC
I have a 530G insulin pump with sensor and monthly supplies

type 1 diabetes
Plano, TX
I have a animas insulin pump and all of the supplies wit it 5 boxes of infusion sets and cartridges I can sell Everything for $500 if you would like or if you have a better offer

Las Vegas, NV
I have 6 to 8 boxes you can have for free. I no longer use a pump.

Houston, TX
I have two boxes of unopened insulin pump supplies if you’d like to buy them.

type 1 diabetes
this app won't let me post anything with put shutting down... so I'm just going to post it here. I have 3 brand new boxes of Dexcom sensors for sale! if interested please pm me :)