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DESPERATE for pump supplies! either silhouette or quick set infusion sets. no insurance and I've been trying to sell anything of value on Craigslist to come up with the money for them, but no luck!

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Mt Hope, KS
I have an insulin pump and pump supplies that I am selling for $600 please let me know if you want it my email is

Mt Hope, KS
I can even meet up with you to give you the insulin pump and infusion cents and that those supplies please let me know I'm Angela and I just put my email address on there to

Tuscaloosa, AL
i have quick sets n reservoirs

Living with type 1 diabetes since 1994.
Unknown Location
I ha e silhouettes and resoviors.

Nicholasville, KY
I have 14 or 15 boxes of both the quick sets & the reservoirs. All brand new, sealed boxes.

Nicholasville, KY
I have 15 boxes of Medtronic Quick-set Paradigm MMT-397 (10 per box) and 15 boxes of Medtronic Reservoir 3.0 ml MMT-332A (10 per box). I also have 2 Medtronic pumps, one is 10 years old, but used for only 3 months during my last pregnancy & is still like new. The other is 2 years old and was used for 5 months until I had weight loss surgery, it has everything, including the original box. I'd like to see all of it gone. Will sell cheap. If interested, text me at: sixzerosix, threeonesix, eightoneonetwo.

Washington, DC
I have 11 boxes of t:slim from tandem insets and cartridge

Detroit, MI
What kind of insulin are you on?

Living with type 1 diabetes.
Apple Grove, WV
I have mmt 396 quick sets email me back if interested

Charlotte, NC
I have several unopened boxes of Medtronic MiniMed Quick Set Paradigm exp. 02-01-2020 for sale. I also have several unopened boxes of reservoirs (both have 10 in each box)...also have flexpens unused in boxes and vials of humalog insulin new in unopened boxes. send me a message if you have questions and make an offer on what you need at this time.