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DESPERATE for pump supplies! either silhouette or quick set infusion sets. no insurance and I've been trying to sell anything of value on Craigslist to come up with the money for them, but no luck!

57 Answers
Are you in need of any other supplies?

Jessica, did you receive the supplies? Could you update us? 😊

Wake Forest, NC
I need sure t sets email me

Seattle, WA
I have insulin and pumps in garland Texas 1500$ worth will sell for real cheap 2144698244 shoot me a text

Seattle, WA
Two one four four sixnine eight two fourfour

Seattle, WA
I'm in garland txnot wa

Chattanooga, TN
I have Medtronic quickset infusion sets 9mm contacr me at to see if these moght be helpful.

Boynton Beach, FL
I am not sure how old this message is but I just came across it and have some sihouettes

type 1 diabetes
if anyone could use minimed Silhouette Infusion sets I have those!! pls msg me!! :)

Mt Hope, KS
I have an insulin pump and supplies if you want everything for 600.00