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Checked BS 3 times, both read over 600. Mom won't take me to hospital because they aren't experience with DKA. I have almost all the signs of DKA expect large ketones and vomiting. Only small ketones and a stomach ache.What do I do? I would feel safer at a hospital but mom won't take me!Please Help!

32 Answers
type 1 diabetes
Clovis, NM
You need to call 911. DKA is nothing to play with. I've been in ICU several times from it.

Bognor Regis, GBR
I'd call the emergency services if I was you, you don't want to get into a state that can't be reversed!

Huntington, IN
I am an RN and you need to call 911. This is a critical emergency

type 2 diabetes
Russellville, AR
Call 911 don't wait!!!!

Henderson, NV
Drink lots if water and correct every two hours try not to eat any carbs

Henderson, NV
If you only have small ketones most likely you are not in DKA

Downham Market, GBR
Call 911 I'm type 1 when I was DKA it put me in intensive care on life support machines for 9days

Miami, FL
You need to go immediTely

Oklahoma City, OK
I'm praying your safe.

Minneapolis, MN
You could get pancreatitis