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So i just got a cgm and love it but i was wondering if there is anything i can do to reduce post meal spikes. Ive tried giving insulin 15-60 min before a meal, but still does not help. Any suggestions

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This is a very common problem in type 1. Taking insulin before meal helps but sometimes is not enough. Lowering carbs in meal, avoiding food with low glycemic index is very helpful. Making sure carbs are mixed with proteins and fat helps.

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Berlin, DEU
yeah! saw exactly the same with my cgm and drove me nuts! a low carb high get diet helped. another thing you could do depending on your daily routine is to reduce your basal and increase your bonus before meals.

Chesterfield Township, NJ
Ask your Dr about Afrezza. New Inhaled insulin peaks in 12-15 minutes. Easy to use works great. I've been using it for over 3 months. for more info.

Also try eating more slowly and start with proteins and veggies on your plate.

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You really shouldn't have more than 10 minutes between taking insulin and eating or you sugar can drop drastically. Hillard is the Afrezza taken instead of insulin? That would be great, does it work good?

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Have you looked into Symlin? It can sometimes be a very helpful tool for those with post-meal spikes.

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I usually bolus 20 minutes before I eat

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I wait for the downturn in the CGM before I eat, and if I am high already, I wait til I am getting close to my target range to eat. The time this takes varies a lot, but is keeping my peaks under 180, and usually under 150. I learned this from "sugar surfing" by Steven Ponder.

Black Canyon City, AZ
There is a Facebook group too

Chesterfield Township, NJ
Tell your doctor you want a script for Afrezza. It's a new inhaled insulin. You can go on for more info. Fox 5 did a story on it today. My son and I both use it