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I have 3 boxes of dexcom sensors and 4 boxes of omni pods for sale due to switching products ... if interested please email

44 Answers
Nafferton, GBR
Do they still work if expired?

Clanton, AL
i have expired and not expired if anyone else is interested

Supporting a child: type 1 diabetes
Bartlett, IL
what are the dates on the expired?

Clanton, AL

Clanton, AL
one box is 2/22/18

Oviedo, FL
Interested in the omnipod pods

Texas City, TX
do you still have the Omnipods for sale

type 1 diabetes
Millington, TN
Do you still have dexcom sensors?

Texas City, TX
do you still have Omnipods for sale

Manchester, GBR
Hi i have 3 boxes of sensors and omnipods for sale