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I cannot afford my insulin anymore. I have Lantus pens to trade for Novolog or Humalog vials/pens. Any help is appreciated!

71 Answers
Hey go to facebook. And look up the group type 1 diabetics pay it forward They'll be able to help you!

Roseville, CA
Here is a coupon you can use once a year:

type 2 diabetes
Pearland, TX
It would be better to keep the lantus either way because that are a 24 hour acting insulin

Fremont, NE
Walmart has short acting insulin Novolin R and Novolin N for $25 a bottle. The R is suppose to be taken a half hr before eating and the N needs to be taken twice a day but they work

type 1 diabetes
Palm Harbor, FL
I was in the same boat but u still need insulin. Look at walmart they sell ReliOn Novolin R (fast) & Novolin N (slow) $25 OTC with out a prescription. (50) Test Strips $9 Good luck

Arlington, TX
My name is Mary Garcia, Arlington, TX, my son is diabetic , uses Lantus n Humalog n he has to pay $240.00 per vial per month thats $480.00 it breaks my heart because he has been insulindependent diabetic since the age of 7 n now he is 25 with a deductible of $6,000. With this Obama Care n to be honest every month its a struggle for him n I'm afraid he is going to give up we need help 8178209893

Roanoke, TX
I have novolog pens for sale, unopened kept in fridge exp date 2018 6829707300 $25 pen or $100 for unopened box of 5

Ypsilanti, MI
I have 14 bottles of novolog plus I use lantus

Los Angeles, CA
There are also a patient assistance through the insulin manufacturers.

Murrieta, CA
I can help