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Our deep behavioral insights transform patients’ support experience.

In today’s interconnected world, mobile offers a consistent channel for reaching and engaging users wherever they are.
Helparound streamlines communications across multiple channels to deliver deep behavioral insights alongside powerful community features and end-user functionality. Customers gain a single touch point to provide patients an immediate support system from the palm of their hands.
Helparound offers a complete technology framework for personalizing existing patient services through mobile.
Our patented mobile intelligence platform enables customers’ patient programs to learn, adapt and respond to patients’ individual health needs and circumstances by combining deep behavioral insights with powerful community features and end-user functionality.

Ongoing Data Collection

Helparound provides a unique platform for behavioral data capture: we’re always working so patients don’t have to. Approved access to smartphone motion and activity sensors enables helparound to accurately match available resources and content to each user’s daily routines.

Mobile-enabled patient access

The helparound platform streamlines existing patient engagement resources to create a powerful mobile touch point. Patients gain ready access to everything you offer right on their smartphone to better support their initiation or continuation with therapy.

Proactive responsiveness

Helparound continuously analyzes patient behavior as well as personal and medical inputs to respond to individual needs across the treatment journey. Our machine learning algorithms automatically deliver information, encouragement and support based on when patients need it most throughout their day.

Segmentation & reporting

Helparound identifies key patient segments according to their treatment needs and challenges adhering to therapy. Ongoing behavioral insights and tracking help customers to identify the best candidates for treatment and deliver the right services to the right patients.

Regulatory compliance

We configure a mobile experience specifically for your patients that complies with country-specific policies and established med-legal requirements. No need to build a new app.