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Connect to HelpAround’s PatientSupport.api to onboard your patient access vendors and programs into a cohesive, mobile-first patient journey.

HelpAround exposes a set of RESTful APIs to its partners with the goals of managing their patient population, exposing services to patients, and receiving events and data generated by patients’ actions.

The endpoints that appear in these documents  offer access to generic HelpAround platform features. There are specific use cases (i.e., custom reporting endpoints, SFTP file exchange, Salesforce plugin) for which we have different sets of documentation resources. We are happy to provide these upon request; please send us a request at

Support Program Metadata

HelpAround will provide our partners with an organization ID (id attribute in relevant endpoints).

Support Program is an entity that encompasses all patients, events, and data points. HelpAround provides an ID for you to use (specified by the supportProgramId attribute wherever relevant).

Authentication tokens

HelpAround provides authentication tokens for the support program. The token will have a specific scope, expiration date and renewal mechanism.

Data fields and formats

During implementation, HelpAround and our partners will need to agree to all aspects of the data fields specified within our standard API documentation. This includes any additional data fields, different data formats, and different events.


The following endpoints allow CRUD operations on patients. All patient data is securely stored and any access and/or modifications are HIPAA compliant.

POST /patients/invite

Creates a new patient object in the HelpAround system. This will result in a SMS text message being sent to the patient, which will contain a personal invitation link to download the HelpAround mobile app. Once a patient starts performing events (like registering within the app), you will be able to receive status updates via webhooks mechanism.

GET /patient/{id}

Returns general info about the patient (personal details, medical condition etc.) and any relevant custom data fields. 

POST /patient/{id}/event

Provide an update to the patient status. This will update the status in our database and potentially result in some form of patient notification or interaction. Discuss the details of patient interaction in your support program with your HelpAround technical contact.


Documentation of our powerful APIs to consume, manage, and automate your patient journey processes and programs

Our Postman Library allows you to easily edit API requests, view header information, and much more!

You manage the patients.

We'll manage the rest.

You manage the patients.
We'll manage the rest.