One patient gateway.

Seamlessly integrate the different systems in your patient journey into a single interface for optimized engagement.

Easy for patients. Easy for brands.

Hey Specialty Pharma...

  • Your patients need support to stay on therapy.
  • You need to provide the necessary patient support.
  • But right now, you’re both navigating a maze of disconnected vendor platforms.

Patients deserve a simpler, streamlined experience where everything they need can be instantly accessed. Brands deserve visibility into where their patients are at all times, with the ability for immediate interventions if a patient is at risk of dropping off.

HelpAround’s gateway connects each of your patient support touchpoints. Now your brand can be the central point of command for all your vendors so that your patients can better succeed.

Why you need a patient gateway.

When patients can transition seamlessly amongst different solutions, they can engage with ease.

Quicker time to
first fill




Your specialty patient services. Elevated.

Your specialty patient services.


App, SMS, or mobile web

Support your patients wherever they are—computer, mobile phone, or even a feature phone.

100% vendor agnostic

We have interoperability built into the core of our platform and can integrate with any vendor in the ecosystem.

Flexible and Modular

From a single brand, point solution to a multi-brand enterprise installation, we can support programs of any size or specialty.

Plug-and-play system interoperability

From eFax to API, our gateway seemlessly connects to whatever data workflow you use today.

White label gateway is your branded solution

We do all the hard work behind the scenes. Your patient services team gets all the credit. Nice.

Real-time, program specific insights

Our gateway provides insights into where you are losing patients and what interventions are driving time on therapy.

Platform Uses

Mobile PSP & copay enrollment

This demonstrates how the HelpAround gateway is used to expedite enrollment of patients into support program and provide copay cards. No app download or computer access is required. It can be used for any medical speciality or drug administration type.

Pediatric rare onboarding

This demonstrates how the HelpAround gateway is used by the rare disease community to streamline onboarding to therapy. Includes a uniques a feature which helps patients locate a clinic that can perform the diagnostic screening required to initiate therapy.

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“HelpAround’s security and quality control measures are so well-run that even our highly skilled vendor qualification team was hard-pressed to find any discrepancies. This approval process was one of the smoothest I’ve been privy to.”

- Gregg, Procurement, Emerging Biotech

You manage the patients.

We'll manage the rest.

You manage the patients.
We'll manage the rest.