Case Examples

A collection of ways we have used our flexible mobile toolkit to assemble solutions that make the patient journey easy for patients and brands. Feel free to browse around, view the videos, and download examples to get a better understanding of HelpAround’s flexibility and power.

1) Mobile Web Onboarding

This example is for a viral therapy drug. After changing price and % FPL for copay, they needed to make it easier for patients to discover, enroll, and use their copay/patient support program. View and

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2) Web and App Onboarding

This example is for an oncology drug. They needed to make it easier for patients to use their copay/patient support program. The pharma chose to include the app for patient choice and to allow more

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3) Copay Onboarding plus Loyalty

This example is for an oncology companion therapy. The drug segment is competitive, so in addition to copay they are also offering a loyalty program that they wanted to be easy to discover and use.

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6) Pediatric Rare Disease Onboarding

This example shows the solution for a pediatric rare onboarding journey with a REMS component. Even with a full-service dedicated hub and SP, HelpAround powers a caregiver-focused experience that lightens the load felt by many

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7) Pediatric Rare Disease Adherence

This example shows the adherence part of the the Pediatric Rare Disease Onboarding example. It provides the caregiver all the tools to stay on therapy, navigating hurdles such as titration tracking and REMS adherence. An

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8) eRX to Non-Commercial Pharmacy

This example demonstrates how easy it is to wrap a mobile concierge around existing programs. The client chose HelpAround to automatically invite patients to copay and PSP enrollment through SMS, increasing the number of patients

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