The Specialty Patient Podcast Launches Today!

2020 has been a very strange year. Kids do their schooling at home while parents work from a spare-bedroom-cum-office; groceries are delivered to the front door while family holiday meals are shared via Zoom… And this strange year hasn’t seen tectonic shifts in the specialty pharma industry. The needs of the Specialty Patient and the means by which they are met have dramatically changed at warp speeds, and probably forever.

In the absence of in-person conferences and industry events, HelpAround co-founder and CEO, Yishai Knobel, has reached out to some of the industry’s top innovators to discuss changing specialty needs, tech solutions and innovations in the new Specialty Patient Podcast. 

Four New Episodes

Ameya Phadke on Partnering with Pharma 

Senior Manager of Technology Partnerships at Chiesi USA Inc., Ameya Phadke, Ph.D. joins host Yishai Knobel, Co-Founder & CEO of HelpAround to discuss Partnering with Specialty Pharma. [Listen Here]

Virtual Copay Discussion from Coupon and Copay 2020

An excerpt from the 8th Annual Forum: Coupon and Copay, to navigate cost-sharing trends, overcome access challenges, and optimize patient affordability. Hosted by Yishai Knobel. [Listen Here]

Lauren Cole on Innovation and Failure in Specialty Pharma 

Director of Patient Services at Akebia Therapeutics, Lauren Cole joins host Yishai Knobel, for a frank discussion on the generalities and shocking specifics of failure in our industry, as well as innovations that help failure-proof a launch and keep it out of the weeds.[Listen Here]

Specialty Patient Roundtable: Continuity in the age of Covid 

A replay of the Specialty Patient Continuity Webinar. The expert panel discuss, in a roundtable format, the impact of Covid on the specialty patient journey from multiple perspectives. Host: Paul Stanley / Moderator: Kristine Lemke, Blue Fin Group
Panelists: Yishai Knobel, Helparound; Ameya Phadke, Ph.D., Chiesi; Sheila Arquette, NASP; Brian Haenni, ConnectiveRx [Listen here]

Future Guests and Episodes

We are so excited about upcoming guests, but we can’t announce them just yet! Suffice it to say, this podcast is quickly becoming a hot-seat for industry insiders and innovators. And you won’t want to miss what’s coming next.

Have a guest or topic you’d like to hear? Contact us and let us know, we’re always looking for the next great guest!