The Burden of Diabetes (5) – Supplies…

by Fortune Mosseri,

I’ve thought of another burden of living with Type 1 diabetes! Exciting right? Isn’t it fun to bash the disease that’s taken over our bodies? I’m kidding, but anyways, let’s talk about supplies…

Underpacking, forgetting, carrying. Those are just a few words that come to mind when I think of having to leave my house for the day. Underpacking or forgetting your supplies for the day can be very annoying and a VERY big hassle; realizing you’re taking a shot with your last syringe (even though you could swear you refilled your bag with them last week) and then knowing you’re still out for the day-and still planning on eating more, then realizing you can’t break your syringe and you have to save it for later in the day.

But what’s even worse is knowing that you completely forgot to pack something. Forgetting can actually change your whole day, either change your schedule, or make you restrict your eating throughout the day so you don’t have to go back for the syringes or insulin or machine you carelessly left at home. Not only that, it also affects you mentally, you start putting yourself down for being so careless to leave something that can basically save your life, at home.

“Don’t forget a bag.” Who likes being the only one of their friends that constantly has to carry a bag for all their supplies? Not me, especially with my friends, they love to throw their loose stuff in my bag “because I’m carrying it anyway.” I love my friends and holding all their stuff but for once I want to throw my wallet in someone else’s bag! Finding a bag big enough to hold all your supplies is another whole problem. Sometimes if I want to carry a pretty bag as an accessory I’ll leave my machine parts, and syringes loose in my bag so the packages they come in don’t stretch out my bag. And I even get the loveliest looks when I pull out my money to pay for something and a syringe comes flying out with my $5 bill.

Also, supplies are expensive! (that’s the bottom line really…)