Hit by stroke while driving, man gets hold of his family members using Alert app

by Shoshana Nacass,

South Carolina, April 2nd, 2016.

Charles, 53, was driving on Ashley River Road, Charleston SC on Saturday when he suffered a stroke. He had the presence of mind to reach for his phone and tap the Alert button.

One tap was enough for the life-saving app to send an Alert to his family. Both his daughters and wife’s phones buzzed at once with alert text messages notifying them of Charles’ exact location. A phone call automatically followed, and everyone was conferenced-in. Charles’ daughters acted fast: they instructed him to pull over and quickly alerted the emergency services. In no time, Charles was able to receive treatment and was thankfully out of the hospital a few days later.

”I had to use an alert this past weekend when I suffered a stroke on the side of the road. The app worked beautifully to notify three members of my family, call them, and provide them with my exact location where I was located. I cannot thank you enough for the help this little app provided me. Quite literally, it may have saved my life.” (Charles, South Carolina, April 2016)

Following a stroke last May, Charles had done some research before choosing the Alert app.

“ I tested several apps to see which one provided the fewest key strokes to activate while providing multiple forms of contact to my support group (family and/or Doctor). Your app was a hands-down winner.”

An Alert can be triggered seamlessly by tapping the Alert button or shaking the phone — a simple tap on the wrist does it as well for Apple Watch holders.

In critical times, every second counts. Charles is doing better; his recovery was actually quicker since he was allowed to receive treatment so quickly:  ”I am much better now. Because I was able to receive treatment so quickly, my hospital stay was short and my recovery has been much faster.”

About Alert by HelpAround

Alert is the Simplest Way to Call for Help. A simple tap on the Alert Button notifies three emergency contacts, texts them your exact location and conferences-in all of them at once. Alert is a free app available for iPhone, Android and the Apple Watch; unlimited Voice Alerts are offered to premium users. Download the Alert app for free here.

Learn more about the Alert app at www.helparound.co/alert