Diabetes Playdates with Jerry the Bear

by Fortune Mosseri,

Have you heard of a diabetes play date? It’s less popular than a regular playdate, but we hope it will be soon. Now you can find a diabetes playdate in your town by joining the Friends of Jerry community on HelpAround: http://helparound.co/communities/jerry


The purpose of a “diabetes playdate” is to have children with diabetes hang out with other children with diabetes so they can relate to one another and have support from other children who are going through the same challenge as they are, while having fun and interacting just as all children love to do.

While a diabetes playdate has many benefits for the child, it also has just as many benefits for the parents. Having a child with Type 1 diabetes can be demanding and worrisome, but that goes without saying. Larafningvile While the parents aren’t handling diabetes themselves, they seem to have the majority of the stress of the disease; while their child has the finger pricks, shots and occasional high or low, parents of children with Type 1 diabetes don’t always realize it, but they also need someone to talk to, someone going through the same kind of stress and challenges.

The set-up of a “diabetes playdate” is quite similar to any other playdate children have. While the children are playing in one room, the parents can sit in another and share stories, tricks and tips they have from their own experiences- finding families to have “diabetes playdates” with however, can be a challenge in itself.

So how can you find new friends to learn and share with? One way is through Jerry the bear (http://www.jerrythebear.com). Jerry the bear is a new, high-tech teddy bear that helps children with Type 1 diabetes learn how to monitor their blood sugar, count carbs, and even measure how much insulin to give.

If Jerry is feeling low or high he’ll let you know! By speaking his symptoms he helps children understand what it is that they are feeling.
But we are not stopping there: we are excited to announce that Jerry the Bear and HelpAround have teamed up, and Jerry now has his very own HelpAround community. Now you can find nearby friends of Jerry to plan your next diabetes play date! http://helparound.co/communities/jerry

And the first to post a photo from their Jerry playdate, that includes at least three playdate friends (both human and stuffed) will win a prize!

We can’t wait to see how many new friendships we create!