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Our Partnership with EnvoyHealth in Rare Diseases

by Yishai Knobel,

The rollercoaster that almost 10% of Americans ride when diagnosed and treated for a rare disease is a tough one. After a long journey to diagnosis and finally a treatment decision, they can then face another set of challenges in navigating their insurance coverage before the actual treatment can begin.

Rare disease patients typically face uncertainty as to their coverage and expected out of pocket costs. They often have to wait weeks for a prior authorization from their insurance company, require significant training on how to properly administer their medication, and ongoing lab tests and monitoring by their provider. Not only is the disease itself taxing, the management of it can be confusing and time-consuming.

For patients and families navigating this emotional and often isolating journey of a rare diseases diagnosis, support is needed and welcomed.

HelpAround + EnvoyHealth

With these challenges in mind, we are excited to announce our partnership with EnvoyHealth on our joint mission to simplify the path to therapy for patients diagnosed with rare disease and their families. With Helparound’s robust patient concierge and EnvoyHealth’s vast patient access and support capabilities, there is an unprecedented opportunity to provide patients with a state-of-the art experience that meets them where it is easiest and most convenient for them, on their mobile phone.

Our integrated approach provides seamless support from onboarding through ongoing engagement, paving the path for an improved treatment experience for patients diagnosed with a rare disease and their caregivers.

How it works

Together, EnvoyHealth and Helparound will offer the following through our patient concierge service:

●     Chat support when it is convenient for patients and caregivers

●     Clinical support and education about their disease and their treatment

●     Reminders to make sure clinical testing requirements are clear and met on time

●     Patented patient matching technology for optimal peer support

●     Disease-specific communities for both patients and caregivers

●     Reimbursement and insurance consulting

●     Access to financial support tools

For more information, please contact

EnvoyHealth and Helparound will be at the Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit in Las Vegas April 29th-May 2nd. To set a meeting, please contact or request a demo here.

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Knowing when your loved one needs you

by Yishai Knobel,


“It’s not just for me, it’s for HER”, Bethany pointed at her 6-year-old daughter who was having lunch with us outside HelpAround’s offices last week.  “If my sugars ever go too low and I pass out, I would want her to press ONE big button on the iPad in order to alert my husband, my mom, and our neighbor”.

Since we developed Diabetes Helpers, we’ve seen thousands of strangers stepping up to help each other, but we also learned how much fear our users have to cope with.  We came to realize how imperative it is for anyone to get a hold of the people they trust the most, in times of distress. This is why we built Alert.

The app is very simple:  pressing a big red button or shaking the phone allows anyone to alert and conference-in the people they trust.  And we designed it not only for the diabetes community, but for anyone living or caring for someone at risk of experiencing physical or emotional distress:  Asthma attacks,  severe allergic reactions,  addiction relapses, panic attacks, dementia-related confusions, Crohn’s flare ups, and the list goes on and on. In all of these moments, our fine motor skills deteriorate and our thinking can become muddled, which makes it difficult to properly navigate a smartphone.  So we made it as easy as a shake of the phone to send an alert.

We hope you like it, and we hope it makes you feel safer and closer to the most trusted people in your lives.

— Yishai & Team HelpAround


Alert is available for download on iOS, and Android mobile phones.



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HelpAround Digital Health Startup joins as first member of SOSA Tel-Aviv Startup Community

by Yishai Knobel,

It was designed to facilitate the discovery and matching of people who can help each other but otherwise wouldn’t be able to. No, we’re not talking about HelpAround – we’re talking about SOSA, where the app was created and is expanding every day!

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4 Top Ways to Support a Diabetic Family Member

by Yishai Knobel,

You have diabetes.

It’s a diagnosis that brings feelings of denial, anger, and fear – not only to the new patients but also to their friends and family. People want to help, but they often do not know what to do when faced with such a life-changing event.

Below, we have compiled the best information and resources for people who want to know how to help friends and loved ones who suffer from diabetes.

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Helpful Mafias at MIT Dorms

by Yishai Knobel,

One of MIT’s graduate student dorms is a 28-story building at the east most part of MIT. It is called Eastgate.
Not unlike other graduate housing complexes, Eastgate boasts mostly foreign families, and understandably for immigrant students in a new country, they would always have each other’s backs.

So we had several “mafias” in the building: Latin, Chinese, Israeli, Indian, etc. And when a poll would go out to pick the next movie for the communal DVD library, the Israeli mafia would call up its members to make sure their desired genre is selected…

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Using Ad-Tech to Help You Out (from FastCoExist)

by Yishai Knobel,

Originally posted on FastCoExist: “Using Advertising Technology To Data-Mine Your Social Network To Help You Out”
Big companies know a lot about you. They know if you’re pregnant. They know if you’re moving out of town. And they know if you’re starting a new job. Don’t believe it? A New York Times article from 2012 describes the eerie science of analyzing and extrapolating information from consumer habits.
Shlomi Aflalo, a veteran of that morally grey world of advertising technology, wants to use all of the data analytics methods he learned in the industry to do some good in the world. So he teamed up with Yishai Knobel, the former director of mobile health at Diabetes tech startup AgaMatrix, to createHelparound, a company that data-mines everyone in your Twitter and Facebook social network to figure out who can help you with whatever you need done–whether it’s a handyman to fix your toilet or someone nearby who has a spare painkiller.

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Re: Is Ownership Just a Hack?

by Yishai Knobel,

Our mission at HelpAround is to make everyday sharing of resources a reality. This is why we took Paul’s challenge on Twitter very personally:

Will ownership turn out to be largely a hack people resorted to before they had the infrastructure to manage sharing properly?

So to be clear, we don’t think that ownership in itself is a hack (or else, who would we borrow from?). Rather, mass ownership of everyday resources could turn out to be a hack.

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