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Even Tech Leaders Need a Survival Manual for Integration

Amidst a polarized world of dissension and strife, there’s one belief that unites us all… Tech integrations are a nightmare. No where is this more apparent in the world of speciality pharma where highly regulated systems need to interface with seamlessly with everything from a 70 year old patients feature phone to the latest and greatest eRX system at the clinic up the street.

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Screencap of a Panel Discussion at the CBI Patient Services Support Congress featuring Yishai Knobel, Ian Wendt, and Erik Wagner

Key Takeaways from the Mobile Patient Panel at PSS Congress

How can we increase the utilization of patient services for speciality pharma ? How can mobile patient engagement drive results? This was one of the questions I explored at the recent CBI Patient Support Services Congress with industry leaders from Sanofi, Jaguar Health, and Twilio. Our discussion was eye-opening and informative; you can watch the full video recording below.

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Rae Lewarne and Paul Ciccero Join HelpAround

New Faces at HelpAround

HelpAround is experiencing incredible growth as the specialty pharmaceutical industry adopts mobile connectivity. As a result, HelpAround has added two Industry veterans, Dr. Raeanna Lewarne (VP of Product) and Paul Ciccero (VP of Growth). Learn more about the two newest members of the leadership team.

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Hello? Can Someone Help Me Please?

Recent report from Accenture on patient services found that while investment in patient services has increased dramatically over the last five years, the amount of patients and physicians are less aware of these services than they were five years ago.

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Announcing Our New Brand

As our solutions become broader and more powerful, we’ve struggled to keep our branding relevant to our current and future audiences. Being innovative in a

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