Flexible Patient Connectivity for Any Patient Journey

Connecting the patient across all the specialty pharma silos

HelpAround Simplifies Patient connection

Your patient’s journey is complex.

High Patient Dropoffs. Poor Clinical Outcomes. Lost Opportunities to Help.

Let’s simplify it together.


YOUR PATIENTS drop off before they even get to therapy—due to the complex maze of paperwork, processes, policies and obstacles they have to navigate from Day 1.


YOUR PATIENTS drop off while they’re on therapy—due to the overwhelming challenges of complex dosing, side effects and isolation.

HelpAround minimizes specialty patient drop off by simplifying the patient journey—through onboarding and beyond.

HelpAround: A Flexible Mobile Concierge for Every Patient Journey

HelpAround snaps on to your brand’s existing patient support systems to provide your patient with a tool that is always with them—their phone. Whether your patients prefer SMS updates, mobile web or a downloadable app, HelpAround caters to their channel(s) of choice.

Each feature is designed to specifically address your patients’ and caregivers’ unique pain points. The result? Improved adherence through onboarding and beyond.

Easy, Seamless Connectivity to All Your Major Partners

Deep Expertise for Every Therapy Type

We’ve worked with pharma brands across a wide range of therapy types and understand the unique challenges associated with each.

Case Study

Without HelpAround:

Only 53% of patients remained on therapy three months post-transition from clinic to at-home care.

With HelpAround:

80% of patients remained on therapy three months post-transition. Our customer also saw a 10x increase in patient services engagement. Read more.


We were nervous to approach the MLR committee with such a new and innovative approach to patient support. HelpAround did a stellar job preparing clear materials for the committee and responding to all of their inquiries with clear and acceptable responses.

Client Quote – Samantha, Brand Manager

HelpAround’s security and quality control measures are so well-run that even our highly skilled vendor qualification team was hard-pressed to find any discrepancies. This approval process was one of the smoothest I’ve been privy to.

Client Quote – Gregg, Procurement


Do you have to download an app to use HelpAround?

Our goal is to make you and your specialty patients’ lives easier. Our mobile platform—whether it takes the form of an app, mobile web or SMS—engages your patients with the right messaging, reminders and support services at the right time. We give you the insights you need, and your patients the guidance they want.

What if I already have a robust patient support services program and/or hub?

Then you’re exactly the type of partner we’re looking for. HelpAround augments pharma brands’ existing services and consolidates the patient experience into a centralized, easy-to-use mobile concierge. We have multiple APIs to make it easy and fast to connect with us, streamlining the affordability, dispensing, communication, and nursing components that make up the last mile of patient onboarding.

How much does HelpAround cost? How can I ensure I’ll get a ROI?

HelpAround has a risk-free, price-sharing structure where we charge only for patients who are actively using our support during a given billing cycle. Thus, our fees are commensurate with the value we bring to you (and your patient).