Providing a Seamless, Mobile-first Specialty Patient Experience

Connecting the patient across all the specialty pharma silos

Your patient’s journey is complex.

Siloed vendors, fractured experiences, overwhelmed patients

Let’s simplify it together with our patient-centric platform


YOUR PATIENTS drop off before they even get to therapy—due to the complex maze of paperwork, processes, policies and obstacles they have to navigate from Day 1.


YOUR PATIENTS drop off while they’re on therapy—due to the overwhelming challenges of complex dosing, side effects and isolation.

HelpAround minimizes specialty patient drop off by simplifying the patient journey—through omni-channel mobile: SMS + Mobile Web + App

Your Patients Have Moved to Mobile

Across Fifty Specialty Drug Brand Websites, Mobile Is the Preferred Channel

Easy, Seamless Connectivity to All Your Major Partners

Deep Expertise for Every Therapy Type

We’ve worked with pharma brands across a wide range of therapy types and understand the unique challenges associated with each.

Case Study

Without HelpAround:

Only 53% of patients remained on therapy three months post-transition from clinic to at-home care.

With HelpAround:

80% of patients remained on therapy three months post-transition. Our customer also saw a 10x increase in patient services engagement. Read more.


We were nervous to approach the MLR committee with such a new and innovative approach to patient support. HelpAround did a stellar job preparing clear materials for the committee and responding to all of their inquiries with clear and acceptable responses.

Client Quote – Samantha, Brand Manager

HelpAround’s security and quality control measures are so well-run that even our highly skilled vendor qualification team was hard-pressed to find any discrepancies. This approval process was one of the smoothest I’ve been privy to.

Client Quote – Gregg, Procurement

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