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Making Specialty Patient's
Lives Easier

Amplify your current access, activation
and adherence programs
with the power of mobile.

All Specialty Treatment Information in Each Patient's Hand

Our platform helps specialty brand teams acquire, onboard, and retain patients by giving them the information they need on their phone.

Behavioral Patterns
Prior Auth Status
Prior Auth
Rx Status
Rx Status
Refill Activity
Copay Status

Patented Mobile Platform

The platform applies behavioral, medical, and demographic patient insights to address the unique challenges of specialty treatments.

We’ve repurposed behavioral ad targeting techniques so specialty brand teams can help patients overcome treatment hurdles precisely at the right moment
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Our Promise

At Helparound, we help brands to connect with patients and support them through onboarding, activation and adherence to specialty therapies.
As innovators, we bring a passion for technology, data and healthcare to create powerful mobile experiences to enhance and streamline patient support programs.

Data connectivity
to patient CRMs

Helparound integrates with existing data and hub CRM systems to create a complete mobile touch point for streamlining patient communications and continuous engagement

Real-life patient

Our AI-powered mobile data engine identifies meaningful signals along the patient journey to engage patients with the right messaging, timely reminders and ongoing support services.

peer support

Helparound’s patented scoring model uses demographic, contextual and behavioral information to match community members with potential helpers who can offer advice or support

Why Choose Helparound:

Consolidate existing patient services & support into a simple mobile experience
Enable patient access to available offerings anytime, anywhere
Match key brand goals and messaging to individual behaviors throughout the patient journey
Streamline communications with patients and among patients through one channel
Apply real time behavioral insights to ongoing segmentation strategies