Make your patient services so seamless
it's magic

Helparound streamlines your patient services to optimize each individual's experience.

Give your patients the support to propel them towards their treatment goals every day right through their smartphones.

Bring your patient services to life with helparound

Helparound uses the power of mobile to maximize the impact of patient education, activation, onboarding and retention programs.

Our mobile intelligence solutions augment existing initiatives to bring your patient offerings to life – and into the life of each patient – by seamlessly adapting them to individual patient behaviors, in real time.
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Helparound’s Mobile Intelligence Platform

Responsive patient services that reach patients wherever they are.

Helparound combines insights from built-in smartphone sensors, predictive data-driven algorithms and a deep understanding of the complexity of specialty care to support patients living with chronic disease. Through our patented AI-powered mobile platform, customers can continuously learn, adapt and respond to their patients’ real life daily habits to deliver the most relevant patient services resources and content at precisely the right moment.
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Our Promise

At helparound, we empower patients in unique and vital ways – to connect, access resources and navigate the daily burden of care. As innovators, we bring a passion for technology, data and healthcare to creating powerful mobile experiences that help patients feel supported, every day.

Data connectivity
to patient CRMs

Helparound integrates with existing data and hub CRM systems to create a complete mobile touch point for streamlining patient communications and continuously engaging key segments.

Real-life patient

Our AI-powered intelligence engine identifies meaningful turning points for engaging patients with the right educational content and brand messages, timely reminders and ongoing support services.

peer support

Helparound’s patented scoring model uses demographic, contextual and behavioral information to match community members with potential helpers who have the same medical condition

Why choose helparound:

Consolidate existing patient services & support into a simple mobile experience
Match key brand goals and messaging to individual behaviors throughout the patient journey
Apply real time behavioral insights to ongoing segmentation strategies
Enable patient access to available offerings anytime, anywhere
Streamline communications with patients and among patients through one channel


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