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Nice to meet you all. I've had diabetes for 5 years now. I joined to meet other people like me as well as going through the same experiences as me. I am learning new things about my diabetes everyday. When I first diagnosed I used levemier and novolog pen injections. I then tried the MiniMed paradigm pump which was great until it was stolen while I was on the beach in Miami Fl. Someone took my belongings which had my pump attached while I was in the water. Since then I went back to the pen injections until I received a dexcom G5 device which was amazing to me learning more information about how my body reacts to carbs and insulin. Because I learned so much I decided to give the pump another try so I ordered one and now have the minimed 630g. Yesterday I was trained on the pump and guardian link and so far so good. I don't think the guardian link is as accurate as the dexcom but maybe it will start to work better overtime. I was very impressed with dexcom. (This is all my experiences and opinions). I am very thankful technology has got this far to the point I can have a conversation about a CGM. I am very excited about the new minimed that will be releasing very soon and I am in Line to get one of those devices. I was told that there has not been one reported severe low. That was from the mouth of a medtronics trainer. The device is not released officially but they have done a lot of testing and have people currently using the device. If you are interested you should look up the new pump which is a closed loop system. I had a scare last year which caused me to be so afraid of getting a low. I woke up in my living room and the paramedics were giving me attention and revived me (or maybe I revived myself) nevertheless very scary. That's my scoop hope to have some great convos with you all and look forward to sharing some of stories and supplies I have available. By the way I work in IT that's the deal with the computers and supplies in the background
Living with type 1 diabetes since 2012. | Sikeston, MO

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