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Nice to meet you all. I've had diabetes for 5 years now. I joined to meet other people like me as well as going through the same experiences as me. I am learning new things about my diabetes everyday. When I first diagnosed I used levemier and novolog pen injections. I then tried the MiniMed paradigm pump which was great until it was stolen while I was on the beach in Miami Fl. Someone took my belongings which had my pump attached while I was in the water. Since then I went back to the pen injections until I received a dexcom G5 device which was amazing to me learning more information about how my body reacts to carbs and insulin. Because I learned so much I decided to give the pump another try so I ordered one and now have the minimed 630g. Yesterday I was trained on the pump and guardian link and so far so good. I don't think the guardian link is as accurate as the dexcom but maybe it will start to work better overtime. I was very impressed with dexcom. (This is all my experiences and opinions). I am very thankful technology has got this far to the point I can have a conversation about a CGM. I am very excited about the new minimed that will be releasing very soon and I am in Line to get one of those devices. I was told that there has not been one reported severe low. That was from the mouth of a medtronics trainer. The device is not released officially but they have done a lot of testing and have people currently using the device. If you are interested you should look up the new pump which is a closed loop system. I had a scare last year which caused me to be so afraid of getting a low. I woke up in my living room and the paramedics were giving me attention and revived me (or maybe I revived myself) nevertheless very scary. That's my scoop hope to have some great convos with you all and look forward to sharing some of stories and supplies I have available. By the way I work in IT that's the deal with the computers and supplies in the background
Living with type 1 diabetes since 2012. | Sikeston, MO

تشرفت بمعرفتكم. أعاني من السكري منذMy name is sidimed Mauritania in the African continent, where economic sources are scarce and administrative corruption is rampant and mismanagement. I was diagnosed with diabetes on 17/3/2003 by a general practitioner but I have 30 years of nursing experience and at that time I am still young and I have no means To adapt to the disease and I did not know anything but his name Vkdt that rivers Ambdnip Ambdnipa happened and we have few specialists and the most fake medicines, but the strong faith fluctuates on everything I sat myself in successive times and decided with her is one of his work because I was in that period no longer listen to me others started Using the means I was not able to communicate with international organizations to use their expertise and capabilities. I was relying on my Lord first and on my own efforts. Secondly, I decided to carry Some light objects such as glass drink cups, plastic and napkins and sell them on the outskirts of the capital of Nouakchott Mauritanian, I became the richest money and I exercise at the same time because I cut ten kilometers a day to sell my goods and continued to live for five years and improved my health and material, I still lack the good medicine like insulin. I never used insulin. I used a type called NPH and insultarde. All of these products come on land and without good cooling and have little effect. To compensate for the lack of medicine, I used traditional medicines of foliage, some sticks and camel milk in the first Day, second and third day of the day of birth and in 2010 in the tenth month I contacted an organization came to the city of Anuadhibu Mauritanian to help the people of diabetes means a break from Nouakchott to Anuadhibo It is good that between 2007 and 2010 I had the opportunity to search through the Internet and collected thousands of information on diabetes and all related to When I met with the organization, they found me a healthy and well-educated diabetic. They used me in the organization's festivals to talk to patients about their use of medicines, food regulation, sports and their proper times. The organization taught me how to do tests by AFSTEL and WETCH VITA, etc. Now my condition is almost normal and my weight is good. I have a lot of ways to keep the insulin in the end.
Living with type 1 diabetes since 2003. | Nouakchott, MRT

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