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I have had t1d for 13 years, and in that time I have never really had a problem with fruit. Recently, however, it has been causing high spikes in my BS. Any idea why??

5 Answers
Unknown Location
What type of fruit?

Troy, AL
Grapes, oranges. I think that's all I have had recently.

Roseville, CA
Grapes are one of the most calorie dense fruits and have much more sugar packed in a smaller serving.

Prescott Valley, AZ
For roughly half a kilo of grapea there are around 370 calories and very low in carbohydrate try sticking to melon, pears and satsumas, the grapes aren't high at all but these are lower 😃

Prescott Valley, AZ
Some fruits tend to peak faster than others, have you been unwell lately?