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I'm a T1 for one year and numbers are still all over usually high 200s . Getting a metronics pump soon. Really nervous about it. Any words of wisdom?

23 Answers
Auckland, NZL
Hi! We found it is easier to control it with food and carb ingestion :)

Millbrook, NY
It will take a little while to get it right, so if your blood sugars aren't in control immediately, don't get discouraged!!

Mebane, NC
I've been on a Medtronic pump for 22 years. Don't be nervous about it, it will feel natural after a few days. My BG is still not perfect but much better. Good luck.

Littleton Common, MA
Once you get it 'tuned' properly you'll love the pump. Imagine taking 0.2 units!

Havertown, PA

Venetia, PA
It can be rough getting your basal rates adjusted. It's a process but hang in there!

Mt Pleasant, PA
It's hard at 1st to find the perfect carb ratio and basal, but I have been diabetic since 4 and I am now 12, I have had a omni pod since 5 everything will soon be good

Columbia, SC
It is a learning experience at first, but don't give. I do not know what I would do without my Medtronic pump!

Guilford, CT
I love the pump. Be patient and good luck

Rosemead, CA
Yea, it's gonna take a while to find out the pattern. Let the pump be ur best friend. U'll be thankful to it😊😊