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Work has been super stressful the last couple of weeks, and the stress has made my blood sugar go crazy! Has anyone tried taking stress reducing vitamins to try and get sugar levels under control?

6 Answers
Christchurch, NZL
I had to change jobs as I was so stressed, I'm convinced that I got diabetes that way, also had my hair falling out. I guess multi vitamin would be good,taking a step back,reflect on what can change.

Bondi Junction, AUS
B vitamins and lipoic acid!

Plainfield, IN
Yes, I think vitamins help & so does exercise.

United Kingdom, GBR
I get stressed in work and my blood drop

Custer, WA
I got a multi vitamin that's supposed to help with stress, and have been taking it for a week. It has made a huge difference!! I feel so much better and my blood sugars are much lower.

Plainfield, IN
Yay!! :)