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Anyone have weird Vision spots when low? Looks like the amazing technicolor dreamcoat or something.

9 Answers
Annapolis, MD
I do.. Especially if it's 1st thing in the morning..

Harbor City, CA
Yes first thing morning it is dryness from cornea eye drops work as well as a little time for eyes to adjust.

Henderson, NV
Always! When I am low, I see beautiful colors!

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2001.
Alexandra Hills, AUS
My eyes are terrible! If I go from dark to light (inside) my vision kind of pulses and if I walk outside, I need my sunnies otherwise everything just goes white!

Ireland, IRL
I get like a photo flash vision when I go low.. I used to hate it but it's a good indicator of when I'm just about to go low so I avoid the sweats & shakes which is a bonus.

Evesham Township, NJ
I get it too when I go low, also when I go into really bright light. I would go to a retina specialist. After years of subpar sugar control it has caught up to me.

Indianapolis, IN
Lows do crazy things to your vision. I've had double vision, shiny vision, partial vision and also beautiful colorful vision. Working really hard to keep that from happening.

United Kingdom, GBR
Funny aren't they, can be a little scarey

Oakland, MD
Yes very scary when you see all kinds of things! Makes you think your crazy! LoL