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hi everyone.i'm victoria and i have type 1 .i'm so sad :(

24 Answers
Garwood, NJ
Were you just diagnosed Victoria? How old are you? I'm so sorry! If you need support this group is great! I , myself am not a diabetic but my 13 year daughter is(diagnosed at age 7).

Ingleburn, AUS
Why are you sad Victoria?

Cutler Bay, FL
When were you diagnosed? I am a parent of a T1 she is 13. It's more common than you think I promise! There is a whole support system here!

Columbia, SC
**** Why are u so sad? It can be a very controllable disease.

Bognor Regis, GBR
This app is good Hun, I understand about the way feel, I've struggled for 15yrs diagnosed at 11

Tempe, AZ
Hey Victoria, I meet new type-1 diabetics all the time as they tend to spot my pump. I am new too this app and can tell that we are all here to support each other. I was diagnosed on 2/21/12 when I was 20 yrs old. If ya wanna talk let me know. Hang in there.

Rocchetta Belbo, ITA
I'm sad because I'm always tired, I need every day sleep, I can't study because of the diabetes ; ((((

Rocchetta Belbo, ITA
I was diagnosed on july last year .; (

Glasgow, GBR
Hello,I have been diagnosed with type 1 now for 8 years I felt as if I couldn't do things as what normal people do but then as I got older it got easer since you have only had it for 1 year it is really hard to get used to having it and keeping it under control I am sure you will be okay

Broadview, AUS
Hey! I had the same issues! I was getting myself down! I am 20 and have had type one diabetes for 14 years this year! I was the only person I knew with type one diabetes and it really got me down! I have recently started on an animas pump which has changed my life! No longer tired! I can work out and from this I have controlled my diet to low carb options! It has really changed me and I am able to do a double degree whilst working two jobs and am rarely tired! Hope you are ok! I am here to talk if you need xx