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I have 8 vials /bottles of NovoLog that don't expire until #### at the earliest. I've been on apidra for a decade, but blue cross denied my authorization for apidra ten months ago, so I've been buying novolog. I was getting apidra from a friend so I never used my novolog until 2 weeks ago. And... novolog and me aren't going to be friends... I finally got blue cross to allow me to get apidra again, but I have 8 bottles of novolog in my refrigerator. I'm not rich, so I don't want to lose my money, but I'd be more than happy to trade for apidra bottles. I don't even have to even trade. Or At worst, finding a way to help pay for the apidra I should have never been taken of in the first place.

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Or at worst, trading for lantus, but I have a few bottles of lantus, so not as fire of a need as my obtaining apidra

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