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I almost went unconscious in the grocery store today. I was totally fine before and we were only there for a little bit. It really scared me but I was with my friends mom. Thank god we were in a store with food. I'm scared it might happen again...any advice?

5 Answers
High Wycombe, GBR
Always carry glucose tablets if you feel I'll then chew 2 I hope this helps x****

San Antonio, TX
Always carry glucose tablets or a peppermint. Make sure you have a medical alert ID bracelet or necklace so if something does happen others around you will know what to do.

Providence, RI
Aw! I'm sorry, you must have been frightened. Glucose tabs or the small drinks are a must for your purse. The medic alert bracelet is important too...they make so many cool ones if you just google! Lots are inexpensive enough that you can get a few to switch up your look.

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Tel Aviv, ISR
I carry gummy bears with me and I wear a medic alert. Most of all I make sure that my co workers and friends know what to do if I do y feel good.

Irving, TX
I run a 30% basal rate on my pump when I go grocery shopping. I drop quickly and hard. Sometimes I still need a snack.