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Ugh, my blood sugars have been above 450 all night I can't get them down no matter what I do I have changed my pod and insulin and everything I'm at a loss! Idk what to do anymore!!

17 Answers
Take an injection

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Blackfoot, ID
you need to take a bolus of fast acting insulin. I weigh about 140lbs if my blood was at 450, to bring it down to 100, I would take 9 units. Don't eat or drink anything but water as well until it comes down.

Don't take a bolas take an injection the work quicker and you can be positive all the insulin gets in.

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Ardmore, PA
Drink lots of water, INJECT insulin to correct the high BG, and put on a new pod.

Can you ask your Endo and see if you can get a CGM. It would help you to fight off the really bag highs.

Are you rebounding from a low where your body is producing anti-insulin hormones? I dropped to just below 50 yesterday afternoon and am rebounding right now. If that is what is happening, it is not easy to come down. The more insulin you take, the more counter acting hormones your body produces. It becomes a waiting game. Of course making sure it is not a faulty pod and taking insulin by injection is a great first choice plan of action. Rebounding is way not fun.

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If the shot doesn't start to bring u down get a fresh vial of insulin. R u taking any new Med? Steroid shot for anything? You also need long-acting insulin on board.

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it could be your insulin if you can't open a new bottle your drs office and get a new one.

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Try taking cinnamon pills as well everyday

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I take cinnamon vitamins everyday, it helps to keep your glucose levels right.