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Does anyone know about what types of insurance will cover a pump and cgm? #doc #diabetes

6 Answers
Daphne, AL
Cigna does not cover pump supplies. BC/BS used to cover them but I'm not sure if they do anymore.

Fulton, MO
Blue cross blue shield does and if you have the HMO it covers it al 100%

Springfield, VT
I know the state of Vermont Medicaid does

The Colony, TX
Cigna in TX covers my omnipod & dexcom g4 cgm supplies

Middletown, PA
I think it varies by the state. I'm in PA & have Medicaid. I was told I can get a new pump, my current pump is 8 years old. They need certain documentation from my endo to prove I need a cgm.

Monongahela, PA
Upmc along with Medicaid does