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I am a Type 1 and have been for about 12 years now. I REALLY want to get a tattoo, but am nervous about proper healing and infections because my A1C is 9. Is that too high to get a tattoo?

12 Answers
Port Macquarie, AUS
Mine was 8.6 when I got a tattoo and I didn't have a problem with healing

Pearl River, LA
I am a 30 type 1 and I have dozens of tattoos last one 3 weeks ago. Keep it clean and hydrated, you will be fine. And go to a reputable shop not an in home tattoo scratcher.

Leeds, GBR
I had my first tattoo done at a HbA1c of 9.4 and it was fine, second one 2 months ago at 7.4 also fine and much bigger. Look after it and you should be fine! Happy inking :)

Miami Beach, FL
I have 14 tattoos and diabetic since ####. Go for it!!!!!! 🙌

United Kingdom, GBR
I have 2 tattoos, been diabetic since 81!!!! Go and have it done xx

North Lakes, AUS
I have 8 tattoos and I've had diabetes for 22 years. It doesn't affect it, just take care of it the way they tell you to.

Castro Valley, CA
Okay. I think I just psyched myself out because I read this story about a woman whose tattoo got infected and they had to amputate her leg...maybe that was just an extreme case.

Basildon, GBR
I've had type 1 for nearly 50year and have 4 tattoos also have piercings might take a little extra time to heal but have been ok no problems at all

Newport, GBR
I'm 21 and I have 17 tattoos my hba used be a lot higher when I had my first tattoo and it healed perfectly no problems at all I had a tattoo for 21st last year and my hba was 8.4 and still healed gr8

Edens Landing, AUS
I have 4 tats two I got in Thailand and few home the next day meant I had trouble cleaning and both healed fine and my hba was 10 there abouts.