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21y/o type 1 for 11 years if you have questions ask me, cause i've been through it ALL! a lot of people answering are giving the wrong info or grouping type 1 and type 2 together.

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Lehigh Acres, FL
whether anyone is type 1 or 2 it's still all about blood sugar control

Moonee Ponds, AUS
Yeah it may be**** but there's ALOT more responsibilities in type one there totally different in how we manage each one!

East Gosford, AUS
What do u mean When you say 'been through it all'****

Moonee Ponds, AUS

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2014.
Jackson, MI
Hello**** I'm 25 y/o, T1 for almost three months. I'm a newbie! Have you made a transition from pens to a pump!

Wheeling, WV
Hey****.. If your using injections I would go for the pump. I've been a pumper for a year and I have way better control!!!!!! But that's just me not everyone is the same

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2005.
Uniontown, PA
I've been on a pump for two years and although I still have highs and lows, I have much better control.

Wellington, NZL
I've been type 1 for 10 years. To be honest, I feel like it might be better if there were separate forums for type 1 and 2, because the treatments are just so different that we're not really equipped to advise on the type we don't have.

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2014.
Jackson, MI
****I agree. I think it confuses people too, contributing to the "I know a great cure for diabetes!" Im just like yeah... I'm sure you do! Does it involve cinnamon? Okra? Yeah? Well, you might want to do more research in that. T1 has no cure! (Love dealing with ignorance!) Thank you****and****for the info! I'm just learning about pumps. I'm just worried because I do a lot of contact sports... mixed martial arts, sparring, and jiu jitsu. So when your not connected to your pump and you still have the sensor for a glucose monitor, or a needle thing for a pump in place, I'm scared to get kicked or roll onto it. It happens a lot in MMA! Anyone else have experience with contact sports with a Dexcom/pump?!

Dodge City, KS
I am a all star cheer leader , gymnast, basketball player, an a horse rider, and I've never had any problems with hitting my CGM or anything. You get used to it! And it doesn't really hurt if you roll or land on it. Just try not to