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I'm type 1 and have been for 8 years. How many of you exercise daily.

11 Answers
Belfast, DEU
Hi I am the same some feed back would b good

Merced, CA
I have learned that diabetes does not like exercise lol since I have been workingout my A1C have been no higher than 5.1.

Middletown, OH
feeels great

Middletown, OH
and it helps my diabetes

Saint Clair Shores, MI
I have lived with T1 for 38 years & have been a high performance athlete for best part last 30 years. Cycling & rowing. Until injury a18 months ago I did on average 3 hours daily. Cardio, low & high intensity & weights. It's tough to manage but I've gotten to know my body, its quirks & how to manage. Recovery takes longer. Don't be afraid of exercise & diabetes; do what you enjoy. Any Q, ask

Merced, CA
I'm a powerlifter and at times it's scary but like you said you learn your body. so far over been doing Good at managing in meets. Again like you said recovery is the toughest for me.

Odessa, TX
I exercise daily

Ringgold, GA
I am T1. between my work and my running, my exercise is comparable to running for about 1 hour and 30 mins a day. I feel good and have good numbers most of the time.

Dover, GBR
I do dance till Wednesday to Sunday

Malvern, PA
I until recently played division 1 lacrosse which provided lots of daily excersise, also t1