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Hi. I've had type 1 for 26 years. I developed renal failure 3 years ago without warning and now I'm really suffering. I'm 34 and I'm waiting for a transplant off my wife. Anyone else in a similar sit?

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Niles, IL
I have had type 1 for 24 years and had renal failure about 6 years ago luckily my cousin donated. Stay positive things will hopefully get better I am 35 now

How do you get renal failure with no warning? I get my eyes checked annually and have had a small amount of leakage one time but getting my sugars under better control reversed that. I have cataracts so far but I am 48, T1 for 32 years now. Good luck

Oh I'm sorry, you are talking about your kidneys. Wouldn't that show up in your quarterly blood work?

Treorchy, GBR
Hi**** My doctors are saying that they think I am too ill for a transplant at the moment and I need to go on haemodialysis. I am currently on apd. Hi blue. I had no warning because my gp

I am so sorry

Treorchy, GBR
Completely misdiagnosed me. I have had the maximum amount of laser on my eyes and I have had a detached retina operation on my right eye.

Treorchy, GBR
Don't be sorry. I am determined to get through this and come out the other side :) thanks for the support.

How are your eyes now? My D friend just had his eyes done a few months ago. Scary

I wish you the best. This is not an easy disease to live with, we know

Treorchy, GBR
I think type 1 is totally mis understood by a lot of people.