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Hi all, I have had type 2 for a year now. How does this website work? Any diabetes tips to share? I just take pills, no insulin shots.

3 Answers
District Heights, MD
Do you know your blood type? I'm type b n I see these doctors that helped me reverse mine I eat organic meats green leaf vegetables 50 percent of ur plate n no rice n breads for awhile

Town of Pines, IN
Welcome****we all share ideas and knowledge of diabetes I'm type 2 and suffer from diabetes Neuropathy in my hands and feet I take pills and insulin and I'm 52 years old I just had a partial foot amputation but am doing better now.

Blackburn, GBR
I'm type 2 take pills and insulin and I just can't keep my sugar levels down they are all far to high sometimes I'll get the odd one to about around 6 it's hard work