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I have been type 1 for a year. I've made a lot of progress but lots of room for improvement! I'm on novo rapid and levemir pens. My activity levels are often unpredictable in my job so I can have many hypos at work. Should I consider a different insulin treatment altogether?

17 Answers
Las Vegas, NV
Insulin pump is your better option. It allows you finer control than a fixed dosage.

Mt Laurel, NJ
Yes! With the pump you could adjust it to give you less insulin for a certain amount of time. I think a pump would be great for you

Woodstock, GA
I've been a construction guy and always a motorcycle guy buy I've used an insulin pump for the past 10 years and they are great!! But I do have lows so I drink Capri suns all the time they are very cheap and they do the trick!!'

Woodstock, GA
Oh now for the last 8 years I'm an Aflac salesman and love it load up with Aflac if you can

Naperville, IL
The pump is great from when I exercise! I usually decrease my basal to about 50% for two years which helps from me going low a few hours later. On shots I needed to stay in a more strict routine and the pump has allowed me a lot more freedom

Miami, FL
Yes you should definitely consider the Medtronic pump it will change your life completely

Fort Smith, AR
Medtronic pump for sure. Love mine

Miami, FL
How about a CGM will help fight those lows.

Denver, CO
Omnipod pump!!!! All the benefits of pump therapy with no cord!!!!

Wheeling, WV
I had that issue and I switched to an insulin pump. It helps because you can adjust insulin based on activity