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Anybody with Type 2 and unable to keep their blood sugar lower than 12, even when taking all correct medication?

4 Answers
Living with type 2 diabetes since 2002.
Alexandria, GBR
There r times where l can have a hard keeping it below 12 but I do have good day

Prescott Valley, AZ
My dad is type 2 (I'm type 1) but he had the same problem and started drinking ridiculous amounts of water and now his blood is never above 10, works for me too unless I'm unwell or stressed

London, GBR
try this: do ur day to day lifestyle but lower your sugar intake and try drink arround or close to say 4pints of water a day (in the middle of the day tho say arround 3pm). water is a sorce of flushing out glucose(sugars) in your system it also contains alot of vitamins that your body could be lacking on which is a good point to point out. try it for 1week and get back to me thru here.. ill be awating a reply. ☺

Living with type 2 diabetes since 2013.
Roanoke, VA