Type one diabetic of 14 years. I'm almost 20. Feel open to ask me any questions, I'm open and can break down things that need to be understood, if I don't have the answer I'll find it for you. I have the Medtronic pump and CGM. Going to school for psychology, wanting to help diabetics.

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Tusculum, TN
At what age did u get pump

Macquarie Fields, AUS
How did u get started on the pump ?? I've been type 1 for 18years now

Clearwater, FL
For the pump you new to talk with you doc and approve for you medical insurance. I have T1 for 24 years I have a pump for 10 years.

Columbia, SC
Hi**** I have been a T1 for 59 years. Have the Medtronic and love it! Medicare will not pay for com, so I do not use it. I am glad that you are going into psychology to help diabetics. a lot of them need lots of help. CHE

Edgewater, FL
How can I get my sugar under control? I am taking #### mil of metformin and 45 units of insulin every day and almost every morning I am really low like the 30 or 40 please help me understand