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Anybody who knows anything about type 2 diabetes: are tingling hands and feet a frequent symptom (I googled it but I'm looking for morehelp)

18 Answers
Lehigh Acres, FL

Kissimmee, FL
U May have what's call neuropathy check with doctor and or google the word all the info,is there...

Boynton Beach, FL
Neuropathy maybe causing this

Laurinburg, NC
I have the same symptoms I ask my dr he was not much help He wanted me to go to an neurologic dr

Town of Pines, IN
it's called Neuropathy which effects the hands and feet which can be very painful I know this because I suffer from both I just had a partial foot amputation due to it I'm on Lyrica and pain meds this problem can be controlled by keeping your sugars at the right numbers. if you want to talk more about it let me know.

Edgewater, FL
I get tingling hands and feet when my sugar is low

Sandgate, GBR
I have b12 injections for this

Living with type 2 diabetes since 2001.
Tel Aviv, ISR
I am not an expert but try Magnesium

Easley, SC
I'm type 1 but experience the tingly/numbness in my hands and feet and it's now started to my arms and even my neck and cheeks. My endo. Suggested going to a neurologist to test and make sure I don't have diabetic neuropathy, tomorrow I actually have my appointment with the nerve condition and study and see if I have nah nerve damage due to diabetes. I tend to notice it more when my bloodsugar is low or has roller coastered throughout the day. It'll be so bad that my hands are numb/tingly I can be washing my hands with steaming water and it doesn't hurt

Town of Pines, IN
it sounds like the beginning of Neuropathy there's no cure for it just meds to mask the pain the winter months are the worst for me control your sugars that's the only way.