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Hi, I've got type 1 diabetes and I struggle really bad with taking it, it hurts me to much

5 Answers
Crynant, GBR
Taking my lantus used 2 hurt me, but I was told using longer needles would help and they do hope this helps

Grimsby, GBR
I'll try longer needles thankyou!:)

Crynant, GBR
My pleasure 😊

Lewes, GBR
I changed the size of my needles and that stopped it I start on 6mm now I'm on 4mm and don't pull it out straight away it helps a lot.

Living with type 1 diabetes since 2006.
Rudheath, GBR
Always stay dead relaxed, and I usually use 6mm but 8mm seem to be better and smoother injection :)