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I'm Type 2 and I don't know how to control my highs. I have reduced my sugar from. 364 to 107-125 but I need to maintain under 120. I cut out soda and sweets and limit my carbs but it's been very difficult. Any suggestions ?!

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Orlando, FL
Also, I just found out about being diabetic in February. I'm a newbie!

Mineola, NY
Have you seen a doctor? It sounds like you need to be put on medications. I cannot tell you what you can take, but your doctor should know what will help you. Keep in mind that any medication the doctor will give you will have side effects, so you may need to give a day or two to get used to the medication that is prescribed. You should also follow the doctors orders about the medicines he/she gives you. if you are told to take the medication you have to take it everyday at the time given and you must not miss a dose. If it does give you a side effect you must alert the doctor so if they need to change a dosage or change to another kind of medication. Something you should consider doing is exercising. That will help the blood sugar stay low. You can do something easy like walking, dancing, Zumba, run on a treadmill... For at least a hour or more (don't forget to take a short break if you feel tired). Do that for at least a hour or more and if you have a blood sugar meter be sure to check your blood sugar level before you start and after you finish your exercise routine. Be sure to ask your doctor what activity will be good. As for eating, you will want to limit the carbs and the sugar and the soda(yes that includes diet soda too). If you eat rice, limit yourself to 1/2 to 1 cup. Same with bread/crackers and pasta. You might also want to cut down your intake as well... But most importantly check your blood sugar levels before and after you eat each meal. Your doctor may want you to keep a record so he/she can see when your sugar spikes occur and let you know how to keep it low. I highly recommend you do some kind of cardio activity at some point of the day to keep the blood sugar low. You can also check your blood sugar level before and after you do it. Everyone's schedule is different so u choose when you want to do it and make sure you take a short break in whatever activity works for you.