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I have a new tslim by tandem pump for sale. My granddaughter never used it. She was two when diagnosed and refused to carry the pump around.

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Chico, CA
I have a friend that needs one. Is this still available?

Pembroke Pines, FL
I need a backup for travel. How much are you asking?

University Heights, OH
Is this pump still available?

Living with type 1 diabetes since 1993.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
How much are you asking?

Unknown Location
Which one is it and what you asking for it ty

Living with type 1 diabetes since 1994.
Unknown Location
I also have a pump for sell its a g4 ####

Calumet City, IL
I have a tslim for sale as well, used 1-2 months total. I love my omnipod and only got the tslim to do the cut the cord program with Insulet. I also have 4 boxes of infusion sets, 5 boxes of cartridges plus 15 unopened cartridge packages out of box

Manhattan, NY
Is this still available? If so, is it compatible with the dexcom g5? How much?

Mt Hope, KS
Is this still available feel free to contact me 412-921-####

West Newton, IN
I currently have a 1 month old T:Slim X2 pump for sale...was sent with 3 months of supplies but, I have not used but less than even a months-worth, as I'm a tight-ass and reuse the cartridges 4 times each, and if you're paying for yours, you should as well! Totally different than my old minimed that used reservoirs....there is no plunger to hang in the reservoir on a T:Slim. If you dont try to overfill your cartridge (Which you shouldn't, even if you swap it out for a new one each time) there is absolutely nothing to render a cartridge unusable several times. I did it with my older T:Slim as well, for a couple years without EVER having a cartridge issue. Yes, this model DOES support Dexcom 5, which I also have. However, save for a couple features the Android app doesnt support on your phone for it, the phone app works much better with your Dexcom than the T:Slim...the T:Slim, for some odd reason, likes to break blutooth connection all the damned time. In the first week I complained until they sent me another brand-new pump (This one) and it does it have to keep the pump on the same side of your body as the CGM or it will do it more frequently. I know its the pump, as when I installed the Dexcom app on my LG phone, I can go clean out in the garage from my phone and still not break connection. Also, when the T:Slim is paired to the Dexcom, it uses a blutooth radio, and it drains the T:Slim's battery ridiculously fast! I Have to charge that T:Slim about every 1.5 days with the CGM paired to it. WITHOUT it paired to the CGM, I can go a week without charging the T:Slim. Just as a long-winded "What To Expect". The Dexcom works much better with your android phone. Back to the pump: I love the quality...when you get this thing, and you've came from something like a plastic minimed of 6 years ago, you suddenly become disgusted with how bad Medtronics has been sticking it to their comparison. The T:Slim x2 is awesome. I'm moving away from it due to the fact that my hide is wore-out from all the years of absorption rates have gone real bad these days, and every-other infusion-site I hit a blood-vessel now...that crap is painfull, and I bleed like a stuck-pig because I'm on blood-thinners. I'm giving-up on pumping because I can manually inject in a bunch more sites than you can realistically place an infusion set. I'm going back to Levimir long-lasting, and Novalog injections. You can come to my home and I will walk you through how to set it up, providing you know your ratios, but I'd suggest you see your endocrinologist before you EVER do your first infusion! It can go from wonderful/liberating to life-threatening if you do not know how to properly setup and use an insulin pump! You're welcome to my home. I trust you. Because my wife has a bad attitude. I wash the dishes, if that tells you anything. Try to cheat her and it likely wont go well. Just sayin. This is the latest revision that has the one-piece clip/holster...I like it way better than that two-piece annoying damned thing. Three-One-Seven Six One Zero Six Two Four Nine. 22 hundred for every single piece and box it came in, which was quite a lot. All supplies. Mint. (No, you can NOT have my CGM...I NEED THAT!