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Is anyone having trouble with the new smaller omnipods? We are seeing pod failures a lot.

5 Answers
Dallas, OR
We had several in a row and then they seem to have been fine since. my daughter calls it the death squeal and it happened both times at school.

Phoenix, AZ
Yes. I use Animas but my husband uses the Omnipod. Currently at 50% failure rate. We carry an entire box of pods with us (in the car, at work, etc) because so many have failed

Okeechobee, FL
Yes I stopped because I had a lot of failures and occlusions. I went to the Asante Snap Insulin Pump. Amazing

North Florence, AL
My daughter went through four or five at the beginning of the new pods. Omnipod replaced them very easily.

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Portland, OR
Tell Omnipod the error code and perhaps they can give you insight on the problem. Recently heard someone talk about static electricity which she resolved by putting a dryer sheet under the receiver skin.