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So today I was sitting on the couch and I felt very low. Which is strange because I never feel them so I went and grabbed some juice right away. But when I checked my sugar it read 101. Anyone else had this issue?

8 Answers
Malvern, PA
I get that way sometimes if I run high for to long, once I get to normal i sometimes get a feeling similar to a low.

Yuba City, CA
You were probably on your way down and caught the drop before it got too low. Keep in mind that glucose meters can be off by 20% and it's considered normal. So you could have been 75-80 ish.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH
I have had that happen but it usually for me means that I have an infection or am getting sick.

Green Bay, WI
Yeah I've been running highs because I was out of insulin for a day or so. Thanks guys!!

Oxnard, CA
My daughter feels that way if her blood sugar is dropping quickly.

Williamsport, PA
You were dropping quickly. You made the right decision to treat it.

Woodstock, CAN
It can be caused by a sudden drop in the blood glucose level.

Layton, UT
I definitely get that way when I have been high for so long!! It's the worst feeling!!