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Does anybody have tips for drinking alcohol and controlling their blood sugar levels? I have always avoided Alcohol because of my diabetes. Any strategies or specific alcohols you use?

2 Answers
supporting a friend Pre Dialysis.
Tel Aviv, ISR
This one is a favorite, by Will Dubois, type 1 diabetes author and educator :

Living with type 2 diabetes since 2007.
York, PA
I found that beer and wine will make me go so high it's not worth it. But I have also found that I like captain Morgan's rum. If mixed right with regular soda it does nothing to my levels. Mix to strong with rum go low, to light on rum soda makes you go high. It's finding the mix that right that took time. I found that for me two shots of rum in a pint glass over ice the rest soda will not mess my levels more than five points in either direction. But why start a habit if you went this long with out drinks.