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Thinking about starting Symlin. Anyone have any thoughts/opinions/complaints about it? Or have any other advice about medicine that will help loose weight and control blood sugars?

6 Answers
Great Neck, NY
I have taken symlin. I got very nauseous with it but not everyone does.

Great Neck, NY
it makes you feel full but i felt being nauseous made me not want to eat. so was it feeling like that they made you loose weight or the full feeling.

West Islip, NY
Qysemia. It's a prescription. It works. But of course there's always side effects. You can google and read about it. Or something you can discuss with your Endo.

Pittsburgh, PA
I have not taken Symlin but I remember reading that users may be nauseous at first but it goes away.

Dodge City, KS
Do you know how much weight I would lose with it? I'm not close to being over weight at all but would like to lose some extra weight for sports.

Missoula, MT
I have tried Symlin and Victoza. Both tend to cause weight loss, and are generally used by Type 1s (for Victoza, as off-label use) to help level out postprandial blood sugars. If I used a pump and CGM, I would have stuck w/ Symlin -- but b/c I use MDI and a CGM, I ultimately had a strong preference for Victoza. (Re weight loss, there tends to be quite a bit at first - which for me was a problem -- but that effect often decreases over time for users.) If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask.