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I'm thinking about going off of my pump for a while. I haven't used injections since I was about eight and need a refresher. Is it essential to use a long acting insulin? Other advice is welcome!

29 Answers
Carnoustie, GBR
Defo! It helped me so much, I feel a lot more controlled on injections! No problem at all hope everything works out for you!😃

United Kingdom, GBR
I came off mine for a while, just needed a break from it. You will deffo have to go back onto long acting injections. Good luck x

Maryborough, AUS
Yes for sure!

Dubai, ARE

Westerville, OH
I just started transitioning off the pump today. I'm with you, I just need a break.

Plainfield, IN
Hmm...why would you want to go off the pump? I'm not on a pump yet.

Pembroke, MA
The pump gave me my freedom back and better control would never go back to the old ways again

Daphne, AL
Yes u need long acting insulin also.

New Rochelle, NY
Long-acting insulin is definitely necessary!